Spine Surgery Pre-Op Class

We are very happy you have chosen Windham Hospital for your spine surgery.

The purpose of the Force Therapeutics online spine class is a convenient way to receive important pieces of education regarding how to prepare and recover from spine surgery. 

You must complete the entire class; however, it is not necessary to complete the class in one sitting

It is beneficial to have your support person view this class with you. A support person is the person who is going to assist in your recovery after surgery.

  1. You will receive a “Welcome Email” from Force Therapeutics. Please follow the prompts to create a password and log in.

  2. Beginning 30 days before your surgery, when you log in to your Force account you will see an option to view your online spine class within your to-do-list. Simply click on the class title to begin.

Force Therapeutics will have additional information that will help ensure that you have a smooth surgery and recovery. Please be sure to keep up to date with your Force Therapeutics care instructions as they help better prepare you for the things you need to do before, during, and after surgery! 

The online spine class education will include:

  • A review of spine surgery
  • Information on preparing for surgery
  • What to expect the day of surgery
  • An overview of your hospital and surgical experience
  • After surgery medication and pain management
  • The importance of mobility and spine precautions
  • After surgery expectations and recovery

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