The highest level of orthopedic care in Eastern Connecticut.


Eastern Connecticut residents don't have to leave the Quiet Corner to get first-class orthopedic care. The Orthopedics Department at Windham Hospital offers a full range of services, including Hand and Upper Extremity, Total Joint Care, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy and Advanced Imaging.

And because we’re also part of Hartford HealthCare, we have access to the integrated health network’s recognized expertise, ongoing research studies that evaluate new treatments and one of the nation’s top training centers for robot-assisted surgery.

Expertise From Head To Toe

The human musculoskeletal system serves as the framework for our bodies. It supports us, allows us to move and protects our vital organs. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what's causing a muscle ache or joint pain. Sore muscles, for example, could be caused by a hard workout routine — or they could be a sign of chronic pain, arthritis or other serious problem.

Our Specialties:

Advanced Imaging

Sometimes, even the subtlest of joint injuries is detectable before it becomes a major problem.

Foot & Ankle

Procedures that get to the source of the problem, relieving pain and restoring normal function to your foot.

Hand & Upper Extremity

How to deal with the consequences of everyday wear and tear on fingers, hands and wrists.


When pain restricts your daily activities and pain persists even when you're inactive, it might be time for a hip replacement.


Injury, excess weight, arthritis and other medical conditions can cause knee pain.

Mako System

Mako enables a new level of accuracy for partial knee and total hip replacement.


You might not know you have osteoporosis until you break a bone after a fall or bump.


The leading causes of shoulder pain are bursitis, tendinitis and irritated rotator cuff.


Our experts treat everything from degenerative and herniated disks to complex conditions such as spinal stenosis and metastatic tumors.

Sports Medicine

Treatment of injuries, and enhancement of athletic performance, for athletes of all skills and ages.

Total Replacements

A total joint replacement -- the knees, hips, ankles and shoulders -- is considered only when all pain-relief treatments are ruled out.

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