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Thinking about helping others?

Think about volunteering. Join the dedicated and caring Volunteer Team at Windham Hospital!

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Windham Hospital Volunteers are a valuable part of the hospital staff. They add that extra touch to make a patient's stay more comfortable, and, they help to lighten the load by offering their time and abilities. As a member of the Windham Hospital team, you will become part of a volunteer legacy that spans many decades and has touched many lives.

Windham Hospital Volunteers serve many different hospital departments.

Who can volunteer?

Youths aged 14 to 18 (Juniors) or Adults: students, homemakers, and retired persons, willing to donate a minimum of 3 hours per week of their time to Windham Hospital.

How can volunteering at Windham Hospital enrich my life?

You will help others in your community by sharing your talents and energy.
You will meet new people and take part in different activities.
You may learn new skills and gain valuable work experience.
And you will have fun!

Do I choose the department in which I want to volunteer?

Windham Hospital tries to place their volunteers in a department that matches their abilities, availability and interests, according to the Hospital’s needs.

Are there any job shadowing or educational experience programs?

Yes! Learn more about our Educational Observer Program (EOP).

What is the application process?

1. Applying

  • Complete and sign an Adult Volunteer Application Form (18 years of age or older) or a Junior Volunteer Application Form (ages 14 to 18).
  • This application and onboarding process consists of several steps including review of the application, interview, approval of the health tracking form, and background check. If approved, an orientation will be scheduled.
  • This process is also to ensure that you meet the HIPAA and compliance regulations as a hospital volunteer. Windham Hospital’s onboarding process takes approximately four to six weeks. You will only move to the next step of the process if you have successfully cleared the previous step.

2. Informational Interview

  • All volunteers that have successfully cleared the application process will be contacted for an informational interview to review their application and interests, be informed of the next steps in the process and obtain the appropriate paperwork, and go over any questions the applicant may have.

3. Health Requirements

  • Fully completed and signed health tracking form
  • Immunization Records including:
    • A positive varicella titer or provider documentation of history of varicella disease (chicken pox) or proof of 2 chicken pox vaccinations.
    • Documentation of 2 MMRs or immune titers for rubella, mumps and rubella.
    • Documentation of Step 1 and Step 2 Tuberculin Skin Tests within the past twelve months, at least one of which must be within 30 days prior to start or one negative IGRA (Quantiferon or TSpot) within 12 months prior to volunteering.
    • For volunteers who require additional testing (such as chest X-ray or titers) to complete their health tracking form, the tests must be performed by their primary care provider at their own expense.
    • Flu Vaccine - required during declared flu season.
    • COVID-19 Vaccine - vaccinated per CDC guidelines.
  • For volunteers who require additional testing (such as chest X-Ray or titers) to complete their screening, the tests must be performed by their own primary care provider at their own expense.

4. Background Check

  • Background checks are only conducted on applicants 18 years or older.
  • Once the Health Requirements have been met and approved by our Employee Health Office, you will be required to complete and sign an Application Notification/Release of Information Form. A background check will then be performed subject to Windham Hospital Human Resources Department protocol.

5. Orientation

  • If you have met all the above requirements to volunteer, you will be contacted to set up an Orientation. During your orientation, placement details will be discussed and your photo will be taken for your identification badge. Upon successful completion of orientation a start date will be determined.