Here is a list of Gina’s Friends.

These are people who care about others and want to ensure access to quality healthcare services for women from all walks of life. Both the donors and those they wish to honor are listed here so we can offer our thanks for their involvement and for caring.

Thank you!


Gina's Friends (October 2012 - September 2013)
  Elisabeth Andrews in honor of Suzanne Andrews, MD
Anita Bacon in honor of Mary Bacon
 Dawn Bakke Gina Barreca in memory of " MaBell"; Doreen Bell's beloved mother-in-law
 Honey Birkenruth  Jennifer and Daniel Blanchard
 Nancy Bouchard in honor of Robbin Chapman  Sandra Chalifoux in honor of Irene E. Hansen
 Jack Cohen  Elizabeth and Thomas Collins
 Alveda Cranick in honor of Donna C. Koenig
 Carolyn Dalton in memory of Bethany L. Manning
 Mary Lou DeVivo  Sandra Dillon in honor of Cheryl Hart
 Susan Fisher in honor of Gina Barreca
 Frieda Friedland in honor of Mona and Todd Friedland
 Josephine Fox in honor of Dr. Tracy Zulick  James Galligan  
 Joan Russoniello Goba in honor of Trish Goba-Churchill
 Elena Greenberg in honor of Gina Barreca
 Judith Grenier in honor of Maureen Kronenberger
 Virginia Hain in honor of Velma Farrell
 Susan Hays in honor of Gina Barreca  Susan Herbst & Doug Hughes in honor of Rose Herbst
 Katherine Holt
 Ligia Hougland
 Patricia and John James in honor of Florence James
 Kathy James-Stebbins Shirlee Sheathelm
 Marsha Jendrewski in honor of Phyllis Stensland
 Janet Jones  
 Lynette Lager in honor of Roberta Sheehan
 Nancy Lager in memory of Hugo Barreca
 Marjorie Lamb in memory of Dorothy C. Lord, my mother
 Scott Lehmann
 James Leta  
 The Henry Carter Hull Library in honor of Gina Barreca
 Mary Arigno  Association of Retired Employees of Northeast Utilities Gina Barreca
 Gina Barreca and Michael Meyer
 Lynda Barrow in memory of Patty Sutton
  Ina Ruth Beck in memory of Esther Abrams Kutz
 Patricia Bouchard  
 Patricia Bourey 
 Laura A. Brown in memory of Lisa M. Gifford
 Carol Buch for Gina's Friends of Justina Carvutto Schiro
 Julie Bundy  
 Joan E. Carter
 Cape Cod Writers Conference in honor of Gina Barreca
 Sandra Chalifoux  
 Leslie Chasse  
 Beth Cheney, APRN in honor of Alec and Julia
 Jennifer Clarke in honor of Gina Rich
 Renee Clinton 
 Michelle Colvin 
 Jane Cook  
 Alveda Cranick in honor of all women that need care
 Sonia Cruz  
 Laurie Daher