Windham Hospital Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Windham Hospital Foundation, Inc. is guided by its:

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Windham Hospital Foundation is to build a bridge between the community and the hospital and to enhance the resources that support the Hospital in meeting the health care needs of our community.”

Vision Statement

“The Windham Hospital Foundation exists to strengthen the relationship between donors and the Hospital. Through cultivation of those treasured relationships and ongoing education, the community will have a better understanding of the need to provide financial resources to support the Foundation and the Hospital. Our gratitude and appreciation will be demonstrated through a variety of stewardship activities that recognize the impact of giving through the Foundation. The Windham Hospital Foundation will be recognized for its excellence in supporting Windham Hospital to meet the health needs of our community.”

Since 1933, generous people throughout our service area have made charitable contributions to benefit Windham Hospital. Grateful patients, business people, volunteers, civic organizations, hospital and medical staff, and others in the community have shared their resources, their time and their talents to help our community hospital grow. It is due to the philanthropy of these individuals and organizations that we are able to purchase new technology, improve our facilities and create programs that respond to the healthcare needs of our community.

Windham Hospital became an affiliate of Hartford HealthCare in November 2008, and together with our partners in the healthcare system, we are providing compassionate, coordinated care that creates an outstanding patient experience for everyone who enters our doors. This is Windham Hospital now.

Windham Hospital Foundation's goal is to build connections and relationships with patients and donors that will enable us to bring the future of healthcare to residents of our region. Each and every contribution received, regardless of the amount, has an impact on the quality of services we provide. Money raised frees up allocated financial resources that can then be used to purchase new technology, support valuable community benefits programs, train our staff, provide financial aid for individuals without adequate health insurance and create safer and more productive work areas…all of which enable us to provide the greatest care to our patients. We hope you will join us in supporting these worthwhile efforts to bring relevant community health programs to the people we serve ensuring that everyone receives the quality healthcare they need.

Call us at 860.456.6861 to request a gift envelope. Please give as generously as you can and join our growing family of supporters.

Additionally, two advisory councils assist in developing fundraising strategies for the Foundation:

Business Advisory Council

The goal of the Business Advisory Council is to advise the Board of Trustees on programs and activities that will engage the business community in supporting the Foundation, including the development of marketing strategies and programs that meet the philanthropic needs of businesses in the towns we serve.

Planned Giving Council

The Planned Giving Council is charged with planning and implementing the Windham Hospital Foundation’s planned giving program in concert with the Foundation’s professional fundraising staff. The Council serves as the means by which Trustees, Board Members and other volunteers are engaged in the planned giving process.

Planned Giving is the programmatic approach by a professional fund development office by which donors are made aware of the benefits of charitable gift planning and are motivated to include the charity in their estate plan with the planned gift most suitable to their personal goals and objectives. (David G.Schmeling)

Volunteers are crucial to our success. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please contact the Executive Director of the Foundation, Shawn Maynard, or call 860.456.6861


Shawn Maynard

Executive Director Windham Hospital Foundation