Imaging - Specialties

Advanced imaging capabilities means advanced diagnostics and treatments.

iStock-503353942As a partner with Jefferson Radiology and a member of theHartford HealthCare network, Windham Hospital is able to offer patients state-of-the-art imaging services, from diagnostics through treatment, including interventional radiology. Diagnostic imaging tests are read by fellowship-trained specialists in their field, so patients get quick, accurate results. While we provide a broad range of cutting-edge imaging capabilities, we have five areas of specialty: orthopaedics, women's services, cardiovascular, oncology, and neuroradiology. Click below to see a full list of diagnostic procedures and treatments.

Orthopaedic - imaging that goes beyond the x-ray.

While the technologies we use are state-of-the-art, our goal is simple: get you back to doing the things you love, as quickly as possible. From image-guided therapeutic injections that decrease inflammation and pain, to minimally invasive procedures that shorten recovery times, Windham Hospital's orthopaedic imaging capabilities cover a full spectrum of radiology services for disorders of bones, joints and soft tissues, including:
  • MRI
  • Multi-slice CT
  • Nuclear Scintigraphy
  • Minimally invasive needle biopsies under image guidance by ultrasound, fluoroscope, and CT
  • Spinal injections

Women's Health - imaging, from the routine to the highly specialized.

Windham Hospital understands the unique nature of women's health services. That's why we offer everything from routine mammography screening, to stereotactic image-guided biopsies, to treatments for pelvic and vein disorders. We specialize in complete breast services, including digital mammography, ultrasound, and MRIs; and advanced treatments like x-ray fluoroscopy that delivers healing microspheres to harmful uterine fibroids. Click on the links for a full list of diagnostic procedures and treatments.

Heart & Vascular - State-of-the-art imaging at the heart of cardiovascular health.

Imaging plays a critical role in many of today's diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional cardiovascular procedures. Our physicians and technicians are using some of the most advanced image-guided technologies to help patients with cardiovascular conditions that range from mild to severe.

Cancer - Early detection means timely intervention.

Windham Hospital offers advanced diagnostic imaging options that can detect cancer in its earliest stages – and to help more patients enjoy a prolonged quality of life. Among our cancer detection tools are CT scans, MRIs, and minimally invasive, highly targeted biopsy procedures.

Neurology - Finding neurological issues before they become problems.

Windham Hospital's neuroradiologists specialize in diseases of the brain, spinal cord, head and neck. By using advanced x-ray, MRI and CT scan technologies, we are often able to provide an early diagnosis of conditions such as stroke, tumors, multiple sclerosis, aneurysms and Alzheimer's disease.

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