CHA Launches Multi-Channel Digital and Ad Campaign Opposing Governor Malloy’s Hospital Cuts

November 05, 2015

Campaign Highlights Loss of Critical Services, Jobs, and Access

The Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) today launched a new website,, and unveiled a TV, radio, and digital campaign in opposition to Governor Malloy’s recent $240 million in hospital cuts. The campaign details the anticipated impacts of these cuts, calls on legislators to intervene, and urges Governor Malloy to restore the funding.

“After five years of cuts and taxes totaling more than $1.3 billion to hospitals in Connecticut, we have reached the breaking point and have no choice but to fight back against the Governor’s dangerous and deeply damaging actions,” said Jennifer Jackson, CEO, CHA. “Governor Malloy’s cuts have already cost healthcare jobs and forced hospitals to cut back critical services. Enough is enough.”

The Medicaid funding that Governor Malloy cut is needed to support the healthcare costs of one in five Connecticut residents. His actions are increasing cost, reducing access, and hurting our state and local economies. In addition to the hospital cuts, one of the grant programs cut in 2016, the Community Care Teams, would have helped those most in need of medical and mental healthcare and saved the state money, since many of these patients are also Medicaid clients.

“As healthcare organizations dedicated to helping people, these cuts make us sick,” continued Jennifer Jackson. “This campaign is about standing up for those who do not have a voice but will be directly impacted by these cuts.”


About CHA
The Connecticut Hospital Association has been dedicated to serving Connecticut’s hospitals since 1919. Through state and federal advocacy, CHA represents the interests of Connecticut’s hospitals on key healthcare issues in the areas of quality and patient safety, access and coverage, workforce, community health, health equity, and hospital reimbursement.